January 8, 2016

Welcome To Baddogs!

If you’re looking for a sports bar with great food in a fun upbeat atmosphere, then Baddog’s Bar and Grill is your place! Located centrally on main street McCulloch in Lake Havasu.

• Interactive Sports Bar

• Live UFC and Boxing Events

• Specials 7 Days a Week

• Friendly and Accommodating Staff

• Convenient Location

Reviews *****

Baddog’s Bar & Grill is the perfect Sunday Football location when in Havasu. Tons of seating, friendly staff, plenty of TVs, and super fun atmosphere! It’s definitely one of the nicer sports bars I’ve been to in Havasu. Plus, the prices here are amazing! $2.00 domestic on Sundays! Wow. Being an LA girl, I can never get use to Havasu prices!! Love it!!!

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